Benefits of Fleet Services

Outsourcing Maintenance

Your company can  reap the benefits of Outsourcing Fleet Services. Regularly schedule maintenance insures your labor pool is has minimum down time. Mobile Lube Services coming to your office or job site can cut costs and improve productivity.  Employees are not sitting at the service center waiting for the vehicle on the time clock.  It can improve asset utilization, if you must take a vehicle out of service.  Most of all you do not have to carry the labor and equipment of owning your your maintenance department on site.

Mobile Lube Services can help your company reduce fleet expenses better through advanced engine diagnostics and manage mileage reporting on each vehicle.

Take a look how these benefits of outsourcing vehicle maintenance would improve your business model:

1. Quality Technicians: Expense of training and managing technicians is extremely important. This makes sure a job is done right, eliminating costly break downs. Outsourcing to a quality company will save you money and keep the success of your fleet intact.

2. Reduced Downtime:  Vehicles can be scheduled around your business downtime.  Outsourcing Companies eliminate the need to take the vehicle to a specific location by sending a Mobile Lube Service Technician out to you.  Huge savings in employee downtime.

3. Responsiveness: If you require immediate flexibility in service requirements to your vehicles. Outsourcing can accommodate those needs to meet increasing demands, saving you time and money.

4. Risks Mitigated: Garages can be  dangerous places. IF, operating your own maintenance facility, your company has high liability risks to vehicles, technicians and drivers. Outsourcing to Mobil Lube Service will allow you to eliminate your exposure to high risks, and your savings can be very substantial to your bottom line.

5. Inventory:   The benefit of not stocking inventory of parts, fluids and other costly items, is another huge savings to the bottom line from many angles.  Employee costs, inventory costs and saved real estate space for other optimal business use.

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